Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nothing worth updating...

Oh boy what a week it has been. At least I am among the selected few that can proudly say "I saw the METS win last week." That being said I'm sure one can understand why there hasn't been an update in several days.

I suppose I can't deny that history was made at CitiField sunday night. Congrats to Mariano Rivera a true athlete that has achieved 500 career saves and also recorded his first RBI as a Yankee.

While a noteworthy moment not really one to be proud of. It was expected that the Yankees would win the series against the bruised and battered Mets. This past weekend's match up was a slaughter waiting to happen as the minor league Buffalo Bisons dressed in Mets uniforms faced the All Star Yankees. Honestly had the Mets actually won the series of even a single game, it would have been a major insult to the Yankees and their fans. So for the sake of bragging rights the Yankees are lucky they sweep the Mets, cuz as a Mets fan I can still hold my head high knowing that if Beltran Reyes Delgado Maine and Putz were in the game, the results would have been VERY VERY VERY different!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

So that is what a hit looks like!!! Come on METS!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jon Stewart is my Hero!

Jon Stewart is my hero! Only he could raise my spirits as a METS fan while making fun of North Korea and stabbing the Phillies all at once!!!!

"Ooh a missile launched at us on 4th of July, just in time to hear our terrified population say "OOO, AHHH". Are you familiar with 4th of July? The whole sky is an explosion, it's like being a drag queen on halloween, having a seizure at a rave, or being an asshole from Philadelphia (punches air) BOOM BOOM! That's right Phillie fans you may have this world series, but that's over!"

On my way to the stadium... gee I wonder how long it will be till I say on my way home. I really really miss Shea on day's like today. SUBWAY SERIES tomorrow, Cards in 2 hours. GoTtA Believe LET'S GO METS!!! I'll be there every day till Sunday!!!

Stay Tuned more to come.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Injuries just keep on coming...

So today it was announced that Carlos Beltran would be moved to the 15 day disabled list due to his MRI results showing a bruised knee.

In other more horrifying news... Jose Reyes and Mets trainer Ray Ramirez were rear-ended by a firetruck on the Robert F. Kennedy (Triboro) Bridge Monday while driving to the Hospital in Manhattan for a check-up visit.
The Mets can only thank their lucky stars that no one was injured in the accident, this could have been another Duaner Sanchez nightmare.

Apparently mum was the word till Tim Redding let the orange tabby out of the bag after the game. "I got here about 10 after 4 and a lot of things were going on, Apparently a lot of things were going on all over the city. Our shortstop and our trainer, who's been working his butt off to keep us on the field, got into an accident. Carlos was getting an MRI and being placed on the DL. And people were being moved, brought up and sent all over the place. So it was a whirlwind day."

Friday, June 19, 2009

More than Sheamous

So apparently Bobby Pharnell knows me. As i was walking back from bull pen gate I and the rest of my crew ran into Pharnell, Stokes, and Takahashi. Promotions Staff walks right past them then Bobby sees me and goes "I know you. What are you doing here?" and I'm like "working" and he goes "wow really? how u been?" and I'm like "um better now, you?" and he says "can't complain". So I respond "well I'll see u guys later, good luck out there" and Stokes replies "thanks".

Further down the tunnel we walk past one of the Mets managers and they just walk past him and I'm like "oo I get to see you twice in one day, what luck", and he's like :the luck is all mine to see u twice in a day".

so we get back to our office and one of the kids that was with me goes "dude u weren't lying u really r do know the players!"

Then we waiting to get into our storage room and Piti from party patrol walks by and "I'm like hey Piti" and shes says "Andrea, you working today? Am i gonna see u later? To which I say "nah I'm tired I'm going home". and shes like "come on stay. I'm gonna be bored without you". The kid then says to me, wow you really know everyone. Then another party patrol girl Jackie comes out "Jackie wheres my tshirt?" "I cant give it to u while you are on the clock catch me later". The kid now looks at me and goes "omg you don't lie, all this time I thought you were full of shit".

Meanwhile this whole time I'm wondering HOW THE HECK does Bobby Pharnell know me?


Oh MoZone update... While I will not be the new face of Modells and the Mets... the fiance and I did win $200 gift cards which is still pretty sweet! And we have successfully purchased our complete subway series tickets.

and my favorite section of Citi Field will no longer be my favorite section. I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN.


"The Mo’s Zone Season Tix Winners are In!!!

And the winnah’s are…

“Kowalski and Sign Man”

If you don’t know him you’ve got to see this guy Kowalski in action.

He is a force to be reckoned with and may very well be the best rally fan you’ll ever see… or hear! Make a point to get to the Mo’s Zone this season to check him out – HE ROCKS!

Partnering with Kowalski is the new “Sign Man”. My favorite thing about New Sign Man is that he pays homage to the original “Sign Man” Karl Ehrhardt who passed away last year. Together they should make quite the tandem at Met games.

I can’t wait to see them in action!

Shout out to Darren and Zee for a solid effort that fell just short of the seasons tix. You know Darren as the guy with the Mets tattoo sleeve on his right arm."

"And the contest? Unbelievable. I heard fans howl like wolves and offered enough obscure Mets trivia to remind me that I have a lot to learn. I met Andrea of Met Sox Nation and her fiance Michael's Mets jersey that bears the signatures of virtually every Met since 2005 (Yes, Michael was there, too). I learned of the existence of Nibbler the Rally Bird, though stage fright prevented him from offering his patented 'Let's Go Mets" chant. I experienced my first live performance of musical Mets enthusiasts Kuff and the Buttheads. And so on."

I want to thank the Yankees

Ha bet y'all never thought I would say that. But here is a much needed thanks, thanks to the Bronx Bombers for losing 2 out of 3 to none other than the Washington Nationals, a team that's a joke even in the National league. Thanks for getting shut out after an embarrassing 5 and half hour rain delay to make the Frankie Rodriguez' 9th inning collapse a little less pathetic.
While I'm delivering thank yous, I would also like to thank the Phillies for getting swept in Toronto allowing the Mets to have lost 2 out of 3 to the O's without it harming the standings at all. Wow the Mets are a lucky pack, only they can royally screw up soo well and not fall any more games back and remain in second place.

Now as the Mets return home for a much needed home stand, they prepare to face the Tampa Bay Rays. A team that dominated last season and can't seem to find their footing this year. Let's just hold our breathe and hope for the best. Tune in this weekend to see what happens.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Wow RSN... today marks the Red Sox's 500th sellout at Fenway Park a streak that started on May 15, 2003. fyi the Sox serving Marlin in their clam chowder.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blame it on the Full moon

So the METS fell apart, in a game that even I could not bare to watch, not so much because of the score but because it was finally sunny in NY.

Moving on to Philadelphia... First off congrats to Josh Beckett awesome Home Run.
The Red Sox should have put the cap on a series sweep against the Phillies, however this day cap was missing 4 big names Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz, J.D. Drew and Jason Varitek. Out of those Varitek was perhaps the least deserving of this day off, as he has now earned 3 days off. In my opinion Varitek and his bat should never be out of the lineup, and the games final score was a perhaps a solid proving point (6-11).

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I must admit after last night, I was just about ready for anything but a W from the METS. Of course as they usually do, the METS absolutely surprised me today.

What are they thinking

"Fernando Nieve hasn't started a game since 2006, but that will end today at 4:10 ET."

Really this is the guy the Met send out to meet the YANKEES??!? I'd rather send Maine and his stomach bug or w.e. it is. Eh Its actually funny, because it seems like Yankee fans have realized that we don't really care, we LOVE our team not because they win, ('cause we don't ever expect them to) but because we just do!

Friday, June 12, 2009

There's no internet service at Yankee Stadium so here i am texting. I can't believe i forgot the Red Sox r playing Philly. So now more than ever GO RED SOX!!! As for Yankee Stadium this place is awesome feels like a ball park shud. No crazy zigs and zags no silly wiffle ball court and dunk tank. Real solid BASEBALL.

Had a great time at the game. The final play if you want to call it that was absolutely disgusting. Honestly this lost hurt more than the final game at Shea, and almost as much as the collapse of '07. At least the Red Sox won!

I can't believe it, the stadium seriously shook. Felt like it was about to collapse, as if an earthquake had hit Yankee Stadium. Yankee fans are truly passionate, at least they have gotten nicer than in past visits to the Bronx.

Battle for NY

Its that time of year... Families split up, couples argue, and neighbors quarrel, its the battle for New York... 7 trainers vs 4, Bronx vs Queens. Yes I'm talking SUBWAY SERIES, Mets vs Yankees. So tonight the recovering orange and blue face the massacred Yankees.

Status Update: Yankees ventured into s familiar enemy grounds where they faced long time rivals in Boston walking into an 0-5 season record against the Red Sox. Now the Bronx Bombers return home 2 games back with a 0-8 season record, surely they plan to take it out on my beloved Mets, who after this Phillies series know how to take a beating.

After 3 games against the Phillies the Mets have only fallen one game back after winning 1 and losing 2, no thanks to Bobby Pharnell (could have been much worse if u ask me.) However if you recall last season the Mets know how to handle the then home run friendly park, well imagine what they can do now at the batting cage that is Yankee Stadium? And now that we have the benefit of Home Run Review, there will be no more Delgado type robberies.

This blogger will be there tonight and tomorrow (no thanks to stubhub.com) to provide the details from the inside. Apparently stubhub has no control over their company. I accidentally over bid on 2 tix for each game not realizing i had entered $145 instead of $45. I wasn't even ready to confirm or w.e. it is, so my mouse was hovering over and then next thing i know it was accepted and I had bid 145 for 2 tix. They look like good seats, except that buy bidding $300 for 2 games, my debit account is now empty.
What I don't get is that even ebay although HIGHLY frown upon, they have a way that you can contact the seller and have them remove the bid or even cancel a sale. That is called having control over your company. I have come to realize that stubhub.com is just a company of scalpers that simply guarantee that the tickets are real. They don't care about anyone, even after I told their representative that my account was compromised, I was transferred to their fraud department where I was told that even if someone hacks into my account and maxes out my credit cards they can't do anything about it. To top matters off there is supposedly NO way to deactivate a stubhub account, so when I die, my stubhub account will continue to exist, to which the stubhub rep said "hmmm never thought of it that way." Um how about your company consider all the possibilities and then run a business in a more LEGAL CUSTOMER FRIENDLY MANNER!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7-0 Red Sox = Yankee Killers!!!!
So i won a family 4 pack to hersey park, a beach towel, and will appear on abc news @ 11 i'm ready to go home and the game didn't start!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



The METS took care of business winning game one of the series! I don't think Citi will ever see so many home runs in a single night.
And the Red Sox remain undefeated against the Yankees.

Rivals Return

We all remember Rivalry weekend back on Memorial Day. For starters I don't think I will ever say this again but I'm so glad I gave up my tix for the Yankees/Red Sox game tonight @ Fenway. But if I were at Fenway I'd be missing the Mets/Phillies game, and i'd be freezing my poor bum out there in the rain. So thank goodness, I used my noggin for once.

Status report: Sox r 1 game back on the Yankees who are currently in first in the East. That being said the Red Sox are 5-0 on the Yankees this season... and we all know it aint gonna happen in our house! So here's to Fenway Faithful, it's time to keep the streak ALIVE. Go Sox!

Wow what a ride I has been for the poor battered Orange & Bruised. The Mets just can't seem to catch a break on this injury train that's rolling through Mets camp. It seems the boys can't go a game without losing someone else. Just when we started to relax thinking Alex Cora could be a good temp for Reyes he gets hurt, leaving the Mets to scramble to find a backup Backup shortstop. Ok Fine. Just when we think we're getting Reyes back, he tears a hammie in a practice game, and that's just the beginning, in the same week we lost Church to injury and Maine and Beltran to food poisoning.
Through it all the METS and their now 6 yea count them 6 rookies (Martinez, Martinez, Parnell, Santos, Murphy (still a rookie in my eyes), and Ken Takahashi) have managed to win enough games to only be 3 games back. An AMAZING feat in my eyes, I'm truly impressed and proud that through everything and everyone that this team has lost in the recent weeks that they are now in a position where by friday's subway series they can very well be the 1st place Mets... Let's just hope the Yankees don't come looking for blood after they get their asses handed to them at Fenway.