Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bark in the Park

Saturday morning I awoke just like any other, reached into my closet and pulled out my jersey and cap.  I then ran down stairs and my best friend was already waiting for me.  I grabbed our tickets and his lease and headed out to Citi Field.
I'm glad to announce that my dog and I helped break a Guinness World Record for the most dogs in team insignia at at MLB game.

I have been waiting 2 years to be able to bring Mookie to a game and I couldn't have dreamed a better way to spend a say at Citi Field.

And of course

A total of 400 dogs were in attendance.  Proceeds from the dog ticket sales went to benefit the North Shore Animal League of Long Island.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What it's all about

So this is exactly why I fell in love with baseball in the first place... It's not about wins or loses although the Ws sweeten the deal. But its about comradeship and good clean fun.  One of my dearest memories of Shea Stadium will forever be June 16, 2008.  It was Shea Stadium Replica night, and Pedro Martinez was set to pitch his first game after being injured at the beginning of that season, against the Texas Rangers.  However shortly before the game was set to start the skies let loose with a display of lightening and down pouring of rain only seen in the Movies.  Well once the rain finally cleared out and as the fans waited for the official word on whether the game would be played or not, the Rangers players trickled out and started playing slip and slide on the tarp much to our entertainment.  I the moment like these that wedge baseball deeper into my heart.  When you can see a bunch of guys just have fun and act like you and your friends would on a random Saturday afternoon, it all just reminds you that these stars are just people.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Keli McGregor

Oh boy what a week it has been for Rockie fans.  Less than 5 days ago the fans and franchise were celebrating their first no hitter.  Today, they are mourning the sudden loss of their Club President Keli McGregor aged 48 in a hotel room in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Nationals organization considered canceling the Tuesday night game in order to give the team a chance to recoop.  Instead the teams agreed on a moment of silence for Mc Gregor, followed by a list of the community groups and organizations to which he donated his time and efforts to.  The players also hung a jersey with his name and old football number from Colorado State in their visiting dugout.

The game continued with subtle tributes to their fallen brethren.  Despite emotions running high, the Rox were able to defeat the Nationals 10-4.  Last year's league leader, Troy Tulowitzki's also hit his first home run of 2010 season.  According to the Denver Post, players will don a commemorative patch on their uniforms starting Wednesday.

McGregor served as team president since the 2001 season, he had served as team vice president prior to this appointment. He is survived by his wife, Lori, and four children. It is believed that he died of natural causes.

While my thoughts and prayers go out to the Rockies, I can't help but wonder will they become this year's Angels?  I've notice and odd trend that after a team is faced by tragedy, they get a sudden jolt and become almost unstoppable... Bearing that in mind see you in the playoffs Colorado.

Visting fans

So working this past week at Citi Field, I've noticed an over abundance of visiting fans.  Cubs Country is huge apparently.  I'm just grateful that their fans are among the nicest and kindest fans I've encountered in all my MLB experiences.  I would really love to visit Wrigley one day to repay the visit.  Another team that I have seen a surprisingly large number of fans walking around the stadium is RED SOX FANS.  Damn we are every where!  I'm just been amazed at the large groups of fans that enter the park wearing Mets t-shirts and Red Sox hats or vice versa.

In other news I myself will be bringing a visiting fan to Citi Field on Sat.  This Sat is doggie day, and I'm very very excited to be bring my little Havanese MOOKIE MONSTAH.  Joining me for my baby's first game is my friend Dom a self proclaimed Yankee Fan from the womb, has agreed to attend the Mets v Braves game wearing Mets gear I can't wait!  It gets better in 2 weeks I'm visiting Boston, and my dislocated Yankee fan friend living up there has agreed to shop for Red Sox jersey for me to wear to the game!!! Oh and last night I came home to find My favorite Yankee Fan watching the Mets game lol... Nation, I'm getting there, 1 Yankee fan at a time! ;)  I love when rival fans can coexist!

Monday, April 19, 2010

What's going on...

Extra Innings, No Hitters, Outfielders Pitching... and its only April.

Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez threw the teams first no hitter yesterday against the Atlanta Braves. FYI the METS, Padres (like father like son), and Rays are now the only 3 teams without a No Hitter in franchise history.  This also isn't the Braves first time on the losing end of a No Hitter.

Meanwhile in St Louis the Mets played a double header with extra innings.  Oh wait I'm sorry I'm being told that was all ONE game.  Yup the Mets played for 20 innings, 6 hours and 53 minutes against the Cards in what was the longest MLB to be played in 2 years. (Rockies v Padres 22 innings on April 17, 2008.)

Say what you will about Mets pitching, the boys in Orange and Blue were able to start the game with a pitcher and end it with a Pitcher, unlike the Cards having to resort to Outfielders for pitchers in those late innings.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Attention Yankees Fans

So this posts goes out to all Yankee Fans who occasionally get lost and stumble on over to my page.  Happy Opening Day!  I must say as a METSOX Fan it's really hard to watch yet another Ring Ceremony for the Yankees. But like I said back in October, I've never had any hate for the team just certain types of Yankee Fans.  As a New Yorker and overall Baseball fan it's great to see a team be able to celebrate and share with their fans.  I saw the Parade back in October and never realized til then how much it meant to the team and the fans.  Yankee fans had gone 9 long years without a title, and for a team that dominated the 90s that must have been as bad as the Red Sox 86 yrs or the Mets 23 and counting...  But I was also able to see first hand how great it was for the city.  Having a playoff and then a World Series win in your city means extra revenue; I'm talking hotels, transportation, bars/restaurants, and souvenir shops.
As I watch the game I can't deny that the Yankees definitely got things right when it came to building their new park. They're Championship history proudly honored in every corner of the park whether its in the Outfield wall where the Creatures sit showing every title year or waving high above the stadium all 27 title flags. The Yankees are Proud of who they are.  At least as a Met fan I can say Citi field is getting there, but you all saw my last post right.

So  Yankee Fans I wanna hear from you, since it doesn't apply to the Mets and Red Sox both teams opened their season at home on Opening day.  How does it feel watching a home opener 1 week after the season has already started.  Would it have felt that much better if the Yankees had Opening day at home instead of at Fenway?  Besides the ceremonies what separates this game from just another day game?  I guess if you are at the stadium then yea you can feel the difference, but if you watched on TV do u feel robbed of the excitement?  Please comment and share your opinions.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 2

It's amazing to see how many Mets fans are suddenly coming out of the wood works and its only game 2 of the 2010 season. Where were you guys last season?

Below are some pictures of the Stadium wide changes I had mentioned in my last post.  Can't wait to see you all around the park.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010