Wednesday, May 5, 2010


No not any of my teams but ME!  So far I have only seen wins!  The sweetest by far came Monday Night @ Fenway.  Nothing like seeing your team dominate at a time when they were in a slump.  Looks like all the Red Sox needed was a visit from little old me!  So I arrive at Fenway at 3:30 and was able to upgrade my Coke Deck Standing Room Tickets for 2 seats in the grandstand behind HOME PLATE!  My man Youk hit 2 homeruns! Sweet Caroline was sung, and Tessie and Dirty Water were celebrated to on the way out the park.

No its time for my rant.  Scott Schoeneweis! why why why!  Just when I was finally starting to recover from the havoc he wrecked as a Mets pitcher, and now he's on the Red Sox why oh why!  At the top of the 9th the Sox were up 17 to 4.  By the time the Scho was done the score was 17 to 8, with bases loaded twice and runners being walked home.  During this process I was completely suffering cuz I knew what to expect, sox fans looked at me like I was a nut.

Love that Dirty Water?

A water main break on May 1 resulted in Bostonians being forced to boil all water before cooking, and scrambling for bottled waters and cans of soda. Not exactly what I was looking forward to Monday morning when I arrived in Beantown.  I got off my bus from NY, hopped on the T unsure of where I wanted to go.  Then I saw a sign about Marine Week (lucky me) and bolted straight for Boston Commons.
It wasn't long before my empty stomach demanded food first Marines later, so I went to Burger King. Not aware of the water main break, I found it so odd when they handed me a soda can instead of a fountain drink, but I shrugged it off assuming the fountain was dry or something and went about with my life.
Next stop Faneuil Hall were I enjoyed my lunch while chatting with some very yummy Marines that thought I was actually a Bostonian, they were quite surprised when I revealed that I was in fact from NY yet still knowledgeable enough to offer a guided tour of Boston. ;)

A dash across the street later I'm shopping in Downtown Crossing hunting for a Sox jersey and  yet all I find is a METS jersey!

 I give up on looking for a jersey, so its Back to the T for me. Destination: UMASS! I'm still blissfully unaware of the water crisis. That is until I arrive on campus. 

So walking around campus I worked up a thirst, it wasn't long before I started noticing the "broken" water fountains. I was soon thereafter alerted to the water crisis after walking past a news stand.  I'm just impressed at how the city seemed to be handling the issue.  Fast food restaurants very discretely served soda cans without interrupting the flow of business.  At Fenway, minus the few PSA everything seemed quite normal.