Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time for a COMEBACK

wow what an off season... Um in the interim I became a started taking steps towards moving to Boston, and even went for a job/ grad school interview in January; Became a Hockey fan, and somehow managed to work full time go to school full time and have an internship... hope that explains why i haven't posted. So now I'm now getting ready for my second season as a Citi Field/Mets employee.

Now for those of you that know me u also know that there aren't enough hours in the day for all the things I do. So RSN I have no clue whats going on up there. other than I've got 3 Boston trips planned for this season to see the Angels Dodgers and Yankees.
As for my fellow Mets Fans... there have been many changes... for starters I finally got my Tattoo. a piece any Met fan can be proud of a Peace symbol to represent my last name (my family) linked to a heart with the Mets NY logo in it to represent my love and my home.
So for all of you that hated Citi Field the home of the former Brooklyn Dodgers where the Mets play, rest assured that much has been done to make the stadium feel more like Home!
*Shea's Home Run Apple has been move outside. It now rests in front of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda where it will greet fans as they come off the 7 train.
*Vip entrances are now named after Gil Hodges Tom Seaver and Casey Stengel
*The bridge in the stadium's outfield is now called "Shea Bridge" at each end of the bridge is a placard with information about William A Shea and Shea Stadium.
* In the Jackie Robinson Rotunda the Mets have now added a Museum where fans can go and visit the world series trophies and other memorabilia. At the top of the Rotunda stairs fans are greeted by the tops starting lineup.
*Within the stadium one will also notice a whole lot of Orange & Blue as a matter of fact the paint crew got a lil orange an blue happy if u ask me, its even on the floors.
Don't get me wrong I think the confetti floors look cool. Just a lot of changes to take in all at once. So hopefully this heads up serves as a guide for the things to pay attention for when u visit on Work Out day if you're a season ticket holder or on Opening day/week. Don't worry there are many more surprises throughout the stadium but you'll have to buy tickets to a game to see them. See you all April 4th Red Sox Nation I know u guys will start that season right against the Yankees & 5th Mets Maniacs!!! By the way I work in Fan Photo now.