Sunday, May 31, 2009

And now john maine is feeling the effects of a stomach virus... Blame beltran. This team is seriously cursed!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wow both managers and both catchers in the red sox twins game got ejected today

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Play in Review

So this past week we've seen our share of home run reviews so far with the Mets winning 4 out of 4 decisions. However after witnessing Youk's foul and Murphy's home run I can't help but wonder, are the umps getting these right?
I was there last night the one holding a white sign... and I hate to admit but the umps got it wrong. That ball went right UNDER the sign, it never hit. everyone in my area used logic, we could hear the ball hitting the catchers mitt over in the bull pen even with staduim noise, yet we did not hear the ball hit the metal sign, if anything, it missed the bottom of the sign by a hair if anything. it was supposed to be a double. if u saw the game later on kevin burkhardt came over and started interviewing us, and trying to determine wat happened and he admitted that because the sign is yellow and white there was nothing definitive
I'm even starting to feel like the umpires r giving us these reviews as a make up for all the bad calls theyve made in the past. Cuz that was NOT a hr, sadly for the sake of the sport, the umps got that one majorly wrong. The good new is that it doenst matter mets would have won anyway, cuz castro scored on that play (4-3 mets), sheff was tagged out. that still left murphy on second and he would have eventually been driven home cuz the next hit was also a double. Also later on murphy got another rbi so the score would have been 6-4 mets instead of 7-4. so i dont feel bad. for the sake of the sport i would have left terrible if that call determined the game, but it didnt.

What really impressed me was the hr that wen all the way over the centerfield bridge hit by adam dunn that thing looked like it was never gonna drop. it rolled off the bridge after it landed lol. cuz we started yelling throw it back, and someone goes it hit the apple. as in the old shea stadium apple.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wow mets starter is still in the game and its the 9th omfg is this the same team I've come to know and love???

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Letter of complaint to whom it may concern.

I don't know who to contact about this, or if I'll get anything out of it. I was at yesterday's game with my fiance. As most fans do we were trying to get autographs before the game. So my fiance Michael was over by the Mets dugout waiting for the players to return as were a bunch of other fans. At this time Heidi from NESN was doing a scouting report for SNY as a good friend of our and SNY reporter Kevin Burkhardt watched on. My fiance jokingly said to Heidi "I see you are not married, will you marry me?" She laughed it off and said no. A moment later, Michael asked the camera man if he could give her the cue to go, to which he nodded, so Michael responded "3,2,1, action" and Heidi responded with "I can't do this get him out of here". Security came over saying that Heidi had told him that Michael had been touching her and her hair. The SNY reporter then responded with "He never did that, he's just joking around while waiting for an autograph" to which the security guard said to him, I don't care what you have to say no keep shut or I'll have your network ejected.

I really hope that there is some way that you can help me find the proper person to contact regarding this ejection, as my fiance is looking to go as far as filing a grievance law suit. I really feel that this treatment was completely unjust and uncalled for. I can't help but feel like he was singled out simply because he was a METS fan.

Formerly Proud RSN member, now ashamed to even own a Red Sox Hat.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Omg Cowbell Man is at Fenway. Let's go METS!!!
So what better place to blog about mets and red sox then from Fenway park just hour before they meet? Needless to say I am beyond estatic. Last night my beloved mets won courtesy of outstanding pitching by johan. Tonight I look forward to pelfrey and Beckett on the mound. I honestly don't care who takes the win so long as the sox get at least one win. Oh fenway just feels so good so good so good!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another CitiField First!

So tonight the Mets hosted the Braves, which meant I had to take one for the team and leave the game early (top 8th) so that the Boys and Orange and Blue could win (its all about superstition and for some reason I never get to see the METS beat the BRAVES. Lucky for me I didn't leave before getting to see the first NAKED yes you read that right NAKED STREAKER at Citi field. The Streaker was a phenonemon that i had first witness at Fenway Park and then again at Yankee Stadium last year, and now to my delight, the full glory of yet another crazed fan. This one baring the rally cry "Let's Go METS" in neat painted orange and blue, wear nothing but an orange cloth wrapped like a sumo diaper. The male which has been identified as Craig C, began his journey from just behind first base seats and slid into second. The then adjusted himself, and ran into center field where he fell and was finally pounced on by security. He was eventually dragged by security and taken out on the third-base side through the tunnel in section 125 (for those who know the inner workings of the stadium). According to police (No I am not stealing this off of some newspaper source, I spoke to them personally; my 2 yrs as a journalism major at work here...) the man was taken to jail where he will be booked and printed. After making bail or spending the night he will be served with a letter stating that he is not allowed on METS property. If he is ever seen at the stadium again he will then be subject to arrest for trespassing.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Congratulatons Carlos Delgado on passing Mickey Mantle's all time RBI record! Next stop, 500town.

Friday, May 8, 2009

"The thursday that would never end"

So what started out as a boring moving day for me turned into a baseball whirlwind for me. Yea my life revolves around the sport even when I least expect it. So where shall I start? I will keep this one short since there is other work I should be doing... anyway...

MANNY... oh boy oh boy Manny as a Red Sox fan all I can say is thank god he's gone, we're doing so much better with J Bay!!!! As a Met fan all I can say is THANK GOD he's not here!!! To all those people who were calling WFAN 660 AM during the off season talking about how the Mets should pick up Manny as if your opinions mattered, all I wanna say to you is HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA, aren't you glad we got Sheff instead. On another note, for the sake of the sport for the sake of Manny's career I really hope that this blemish was truly caused by a medical mistake and not intentional cheating.

METS v PHONIES... So today was an adventurous day at CITI FIELD; esp since I didn't know I had tix till 20 minutes till game time. So Mets meet the Phillies again and won! But this isn't about something you could have seen on SNY or heard on ESPN. Many of us have been aching for a great baseball fight, you know think back to the show stopper back in 07 with the Marlins... well there was defiantly a fight to remember however no players were involved. So I'm not even sure the other guy was a phillies fan, the fight involved one guy in a wright jersey and a guy in a black tee, and the one in the black tee threw a mean punch at the other, the the dude in #5 punches back the other counters by throwing beer in his face. Of course there was a massive fleet of security was there. But what made this fight amazing is that even the players on the field which happened to be the mets, stopped to watch the fight.
The game also hosted another memorable quarrel this one between Manager Jerry Manuel and the 1st base Ump. Manuel was arguing a ridiculous call, Victorino could have easily continued in his attempt to reach 2nd base without needing to push Reyes, after all this is baseball not football. Well now that all is said and done, Manuel can possibly get hit with a fined and even a one game suspension for "hitting" the ump with the bill of his hat.

RED SOX RECORD... 12 runs in 1 inning!!! 12 runs before evening getting an out... I'm speechless!

That's all for now, Keep playing ball!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh school, if it weren't for 10 page papers you'ld be reading a long blog post about bad oli v good oli, and what happened to Papi? Will the Mets beat the tamahawk tribe known as the Braves? Can the Sox repeat and blow out the Bombers?