Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And the streak has come to a sad and bitter end.
Let it be known that the Red Sox are on an 11 game winning streak, and that as of tonight they are also in FIRST place!!! And if/ when the METS SWEEP the Marlins they too will also be at first.

Gee I know this is supposed to be a METSOX blog, and feel bad that it has been mostly Sox oriented, but the METS aren't giving me anything spectacular to write about, so JERRY MANUEL if you're reading this light a fire under the ORANGE and BLUE

Sunday, April 26, 2009

And the Sox Sweep the series, securing a 3 game lead on the payroll.

End of the weekend but bury the hatchet NEVER!

So one must live far far under a rock to not be aware of THE RIVALRY. Don't ask which, for there is no rivalry greater than the one that exists between the BOSTON RED SOX and the NEW YORK YANKEES. A rivalry to big that is has long surpassed baseball, Jets fans hate the Patriots and vice versa, the Celtics and Bruins are also outstanding enemies of NY sports fans, but that's not it the rivalry has torn families, cities and states apart.

I myself am a blood traitor as a fan of all things BOSTON and the METS. My father's biggest disappoint wasn't that he never had any sons, but that his only sports loving daughter as a matter of fact the only true sports fan out of all my cousins, chose to become a BOSTON fan. I think he would have accepted me being a Boston fan the same way most METS fans are Red Sox fans. However that wasn't the case. As a product of 86, the Sox have been deeply ingrained in my personal history. My first baseball game surely by g-d's great master plan and not in any way my father's happened to be METS v RED SOX, as the years went on and my daddy tried to get me to fall in love with football I turned my back on his beloved Giants and not even for the Jets which he would have accepted, but for the NE Patriots, and so became my total and complete fascination for NE/ Boston Teams.

I for one blame my history teachers, for if they hadn't made the TEA PARTY and the Witch Trails seem so cool, Boston would be just another city with historical stuff like DC and (gag) Philly (gag).

So here's my history lesson to you:

The Yankee Red Sox Rivalry is the oldest and strongest Rivarly in all of Sports history. Spanning more than 100 years, it's NOT only about Babe Ruth, he's just factor. Many Yankee fans blame the rivalry on jealousy as the Yanks have numerically been the more successful team 26 world series titles compared to 7 for the Red Sox. But like I said before this has everything to do with HISTORY, even before this country was formed the hence before there was major league baseball, the cities of NY and Boston already shared a rivalry, much of which had to do with economic success during the nation's early years.

Then baseball got involved; the RED SOX won the first WORLD SERIES title in 1903. All went well for the Sox until, they were sold in 1916, and after the 1919 season the Sox new owner sold 16 players to the Yankees, including BABE RUTH.
1918 was the last year the Red Sox would see a World Series title until 2004, and the beginning of the CURSE OF THE BAMBINO.

During this 86 year long curse, the Red Sox only won 4 pennant titles compared to 39 Yankee Pennants. Each W.S. that the Sox lost was played up until the 7th game. Adding insult to injury the Red Sox finished 12 seasons just behind the Yankees including 1998- 2003 and almost 2004.

1978 saw a revival of the BOSTON Massacre this time at the hands of the Yankees and not the Brits. During which the Sox lost a once 14.5 game lead to the Yankees during a 4 game series in which the Yankees score a combined total of 42–9. Ultimately both teams were forced into a once game tie breaker for the playoffs, a game NY won.

For 86 year the Yankees enjoyed the luxury of being on winning side of the rivalry, and in 2004 the rivalry took a turn for the worst. Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling sported a "Yankee hater" hat, and A-Rod and Jason Varitek even found them self in a bench-clearing brawl. In SOXtober, the two teams met again this time for the ALCS for the 2 straight year. The Yanks won the first 3 games with a poetic 3rd game victory of 19-8 (last Sox ws 1918), no team had ever comeback after being down 3-0 in 7 game series, Red Sox fans were just about ready to hang their hats for the season until Fenway was struck by lightening (figuratively) and the Sox came back to win the extra inning game 4, and the extra inning game 5, game 6 with Schilling's bloody sox and finally winning game 7, and sweeping the WS leaving a nasty taste in NY's mouth for a change.

2005: Gary Sheffield cost a RSN a season ticket holder after the fan was involved in a fight with the Yankee Outfielder. Both teams finished with identical records; however.

2007: Sox win the series again, this time a full sweep through the alcs and WS.

2008: During construction of the Yankees new stadium, a true Red Sox Nation member buried an Ortiz Jersey in the stadium (see earlier post), although it did not last, the "curse" allowed the Red Sox to clinched their playoff and eliminate the Yankees from the postseason.

During the stadium's constructions Red Sox President Larry Lucchino, the same man who named the Yankees the "Evil Empire" said "There's some that want to build the 8th wonder of the world, we just want to preserve one that already exists."


As I recover from a nasty METS loss, and I anxiously await a RED SOX victory as they sweep the dirt outta FENWAY, I find myself watching NASCAR on Fox. Yea folks this city girl is also a devote NASCAR fan. So today was the big race at Talledega, Alabama. A track that fans know as "THE BIG ONE" for it is the biggest track in the NASCAR world.

All I can say is thank goodness for the new safer barriers that were recently installed cuz the tracks alias also refers to the many wrecks that occur on that asphalt. Today's race true to form was an intense one. Complete with lots of big crashes. The most devastatin perhaps was the one with 10 to go there was about a 15 car crash. So they restarted with 4 to go, at which point Carl Edwards made the move from 9th to 1, only to have Brad Keselowski spin him out just yards from the finish. Edwards' car went airborne flipped twice into the restraining fences just missing flying into the crowd. i held my breath, and exhaled once Edwards walked out of the car and proceeded to walk across the finish line. So under the official stadings Edwards finished 24th status running... literally RUNNING.


Saturday, April 25, 2009


WOW JUST WOW. How do I even begin to describe today's game? 9 game winning streak!!! HELL YEAH this feels great!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy birthday Terry Francona! Red Sox manager turns 50 today. Oh and Congrats boys on a 6 game win streak!!!! As for the Orange and Blue... please gets some wins.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Patriots Day = Pirates Day

"Pirates Shut Down Streaking Marlins"

Finally it has been done... PITTSBURGH killed the Marlins streak in an 8-0 win last night. The Marlins currently stand at 11-2 4.5 games ahead of the NY METS. So for what its worth, PLEASE GOD LET THE PIRATES SWEEP THE DECK WITH THE MARLINS!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Patriots Day

Ok so maybe all of MetSox Nation may not be up to date in the significance of 4.20.09, Not its not national get high day, well to some people it is i suppose, but to Bostonians Patriots Day celebrates 2 things the city holds dear; Red Sox Baseball and the infamous Boston Marathon. Sox take the field at 11:05 am and should be ending just in time for fans to step out to Kenmore Square on their way to the T to see the runners passing by. To me this game take on a deeper meaning, seeing as how my beloved Mets couldn't complete the first Sweep in Citi Field History on Sunday against the Brewers, I must rely on the Red Sox to fill that sweepless void for me. So now more than ever as the Boys from bean town are tied 6-6 with the Orioles, I think its time for the birds to fly home, plus the win would put is in a 2nd place tie with... the Yankees, so now more than EVER GO SOX!!!!

On a side note: is Florida ever gonna LOSE?!?!?! dude 11-1, at least i can proudly say that one loss came at the hands of the army in Orange and Blue. speaking of which its time for some serious wins, how long till we get to play the Nats? Friday can't come soon enough...(Fyi i may have to hang my self if we're the only team to choke on gNats.)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yankee's Wang is Broken

What a better time to brag then this...
Highest starting pitcher era:
Mets: Pelfrey era 8.10
Red Sox: Matsuzaka era 12.79
Yankees: Wang era 34.5

So much for having the highest payroll in the MLB.
Let it also be known that the Indians hold the record for the most runs scored against the Yankees at the Old Yankee Stadium and now at the New Yankee Stadium as well. The Indians have also made history for breaking the record number of hits and runs scored against the Yankees in all of the evil empire's history.

I guess the fact that they dug up the Ortiz Jersey aint worth sqat, the stadium is cursed... for 86 years perhaps?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Omfg i got hit on by 2 Brewers pitchers, hopefully i was distraction enough! let's go Mets!!!

Editor's note:
So apparently one of the Brewers that I ran into on his way to the bull pen was Seth McClung, for those of you who saw the game he could not handle the pressure in a tie score 9th inning. He then proceeded to load up the bases allowing the METS to claim their second win at their new home. Mission accomplished I wonder if he was thinking of me as he filled base after base. Ok I'm sure he forgot running into me 10 feet after the fact. esp since it was his buddy an unknown hispanic brewer who i was unable to find on the roster, leading me to believe he's simply a bull pen assistant who did all the creepy and somewhat degrading catcalling.

In other news: I also met former Met Daryl Strawberry, when he came to my 3rd base vip gate with his friend to get the promotional keychain we were giving away.

Oh and b4 I forget game highlights.
Mets won the game 5-4 and Gary Sheffield became the first player to record his 500th career home run in a Mets uniform. The historic hit also came as his first with the team during the 7th inning of tonight's game against Brewers reliever Mitch Stetter. Sheffield is the 25th player in MLB history to reach the landmark.
Heading to the game gotta make some $$$ oh and watch the team win.

Fun Times

So I have two professional blogs and now I've decided why not have fun and make semi-personal one.
This blog shall be about me, my life (the good and the bad), my lil Mookie Monstah, and MOST OF ALL it will be about BASEBALL (not that boring stuff like stats and ERAs), but random details such as the "Delta Wright vs Jeter Challenge" (which as of last check Jeter is winning by 1).